Garden Jobs in January

Mahonia in Winter

Mahonia in Winter

It may snow, it may be wet, it may be cold or it may be mild, whatever the weather there are still jobs to do in the garden in January, and a perfect excuse to get outside and work off some of the excesses of the festive period!

Here is a list of important jobs to do this month.

  • Dig over heavy soil when the weather allows
  • Turn the compost heap
  • Cover soil with fleece of cloches to warm if you plan to sow early crops
  • Remove any damaged branches from trees and shrubs
  • Prune trees and shrubs to shape
  • Plant deciduous hedges and bare rooted trees and shrubs
  • Plant roses if the soil is not too wet or cold
  • Start forcing rhubarb
  • Clean out the garden shed
  • Make sure that birds have food and water
  • Clear out the crowns of plants of damp leaves
  • Order seeds and summer-flowering bulbs
  • Protect plants vulnerable to wind and cold
  • Prune wisteria and other vigorous climbers
  • Take hardwood cuttings of trees and shrubs
  • Take root cuttings from perennials
  • Aerate lawns to improve drainage
  • Keep small area of ponds free from ice
  • Sow early vegetable crops under cover
  • Chit early potatoes
  • Service the lawn mower
  • Repair any damaged fences, trellis, outbuildings
  • Keep a notebook handy as this is a good time to record details of any planned changes to the garden
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