Family garden with levels

Project 2 Plan

Family garden with levels – Plan

The Brief

This family of three young children wanted two seating areas, one close to the house for dining, along with a lawned area and a water feature. The parents being keen gardeners wanted country style planting with all year round interest. In addition the utility area, comprising a shed and two compost bins, was to be screened off from the rest of the garden.

The Design

For this challenging sloping site, the design solution was to create three different levels. Closest to the house a paved terrace area includes space for dinning and entertaining. Water cascades into a rill which can be seen from within the conservatory as well as the outside dining area. Steps lead up through a red brick retaining wall to the next level, which is a generous sized informal shaped lawn for the children to play.

A gentle slope up leads onto the final level. A secondary secluded seating area is provided by a copper roofed gazebo, interest here is also provided by a stone pot water feature. From this area an informal bark path leads through a small wooded area to the shed and compost bins, these have been screened from the house using a beech hedge. In autumn and winter the foliage of the hedge compliments the other copper elements in the garden, including the Acer griseum feature tree.

The planting borders are generous, filled with a mixture of grasses, perennials and evergreen structure, providing interest throughout the seasons. This is a garden for the children to play and explore, while providing ample areas for guests to be entertained.