A sloping garden in the Stroud Valley

A sloping site in the Stroud valley

A sloping site in the Stroud valley

The Brief

This garden was for a couple who have moved from an urban setting to the countryside. The rear garden of this site was on a steep slope and consisted mainly of rough grazing land. The couple wanted space to accommodate two sheds, one of which would be used as a studio. In addition a space sufficient for entertaining up to 8 people was required. Planting was to be informal, in keeping with the surrounding landscape.

The Design

The style of the garden is informal with a meandering mown path that connects three level areas. On two of the levels are the shed and studio while the third circular paved area contains space for a large table and chairs. Oak timber sleepers have been used for the curved retained walls and steps; these blend in well with the woodland that borders the back of the garden.

Screening of a neighbouring property is provided by pleached hornbeam, while the rest of the planting, including a number of fruit trees, provide interest throughout the seasons, with a colour palette of pinks, violets and blues with splashes of red.