Hot Summer Colours

Although this is traditionally the holiday season, it is important to keep on top of some of the routine garden jobs, such as deadheading, weeding and watering.

This could be a dry month in which case watering is essential (especially any indoor plants), remember to ask a neighbour or friend to call in if you are going away.

Here are a list of jobs to do this month.

  • Make sure birds have water in dry spells.
  • Water plants that need it regularly.
  • Trim hedges.
  • Prune rambling roses after flowering.
  • Trim lavender after the flowers have faded.
  • Feed and water all plants in containers.
  • Take cuttings from tender perennials such as pelargoniums and fuchsias.
  • Collect ripening seed from plants you wish to propagate.
  • Mow less frequently if the weather is hot and dry.
  • Lift and dry onions.
  • Cut and dry herbs for winter use.
  • Prop up heavily laden branches of fruit trees.
  • Summer-prune gooseberries and red currants.
  • Water and feed tomatoes regularly, and remove yellow leaves.
  • Plant new strawberry plants, and keep them well watered.
  • Harvest the first apples and pears.
  • Last chance to; finish summer pruning apples and pears and other trained fruit trees, complete summer pruning of wisteria and plant colchicums for autumn flowering.


There are also some lovely gardens to visit at this time of year.

Abbey House Gardens, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Batsford Arboretum, Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire

Cranborne Manor, Wimborne, Dorset

Painswick Rococo Garden, Stroud, Gloucestershire