How much does garden design cost?


Designed Garden
Clearly, when you decide to invest in your garden, you will want to be sure that your money is well spent. It is therefore worth devoting a small percentage of your overall budget to professional garden design to ensure that the money you do spend gives you the garden that you want.

There are many benefits of using a garden designer, which include:

  • The garden will be designed to your requirements, whether it be a haven for wildlife, a place for entertaining or simply a place to relax and escape.
  • Concepts which you may not have considered before can be discussed whether it be bespoke seating, the latest plants, lighting, sound and much more.
  • Drawings are produced (including 3D) so you can see how your garden will look before any of the actual work begins so you are not left disappointed on completion.
  • The right plants in the right place will be selected along with the right balance of hard landscaping and planting.
  • You can simply brief the designer and then receive the design and subsequently the garden of your dreams without any work or worry of your own.


The actual design cost depends on the size and complexity of the site and what elements are included e.g. lots of hard landscaping, water features, lighting, sculptures, bespoke seating etc. As a rough guide:

  • For smaller projects (up to £10,000), you should count on devoting 18%-20% of your overall budget to garden design (from initial consultation right the way through to signing off the construction).
  • For larger projects (up to £50,000), you can reckon on spending 12%-18% of your budget on garden design services.
  • And for big projects (£50,000 and upwards), the percentage of your overall budget that you are likely to spend on garden design services may drop as low as 8%.