How much should I spend on my garden?

Landscaped gardenMany people spend a great deal on their homes yet neglect one of their greatest assets, their garden. An attractive, well-designed garden is an investment as it provides lasting pleasure and can add value to your property.

Devoting 4 – 10% of the value of your property to your garden is likely to prove a sound investment, giving you hours of pleasure, and enhancing the monetary value of your home. The money you spend on your garden will also keep accruing value because, as long as the garden is well maintained, the plants will grow and mature. Which means that as time passes, your beautiful garden just goes on getting better.

Where does all the money go?

The expenditure is largely in the creation of the hard landscaping – the paving, decking, pergolas and walls all soak up contractor days and materials. Any landscaping costs will be comparable to any other building project. While it is not possible to pare down the day-rate of a landscaper, it is possible to make the design faster to implement. This is where it pays to engage the services of a garden designer.