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Garden Jobs in October

In October we often get night frosts and clear sunny days, this helps to intensify the colours in the leaves of trees and shrubs, so autumn colours can be at their best this month. But make the most of them as they pass very quickly.

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Garden design options for different budgets

How many of us have flipped through gardening magazines, looking at all the glossy pictures of stunning gardens, thinking it must cost loads and take time to get a beautiful looking garden? Well it doesn’t, you can have a lovely functional garden without spending a fortune, and here are some suggestions to suit different budgets.

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Planning Your Garden Borders

Whether you’re looking to revamp your garden, starting from scratch or just after a new-look border, planning is essential to help you create a balanced, striking layout with all year round interest.

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Garden Jobs in September

This month heralds the start of autumn. Although the days may be getting shorter and temperatures cooler, there is still plenty of interest in the garden, with hints of autumn colour to come.

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Garden Jobs in August

List of jobs to do in the garden in the month of August. What to prune, train, sow and other garden maintenance jobs. Also suggestions for lovely gardens to visit this month.

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Garden Jobs in May

List of jobs to do in the garden in the month of May. What to plant, what to prune and train, what to sow and other garden maintenance jobs.

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Looking for a beautiful outside space designed just for you?

We create inspirational gardens which are both beautiful and functional. Outside spaces that reflect who you are and what you love, that will add value to your home and bring years of enjoyment.

Andy has stayed in touch over the years, as we have added additional planting and has always been there for support and to provide advice.

Mr & Mrs Muir Wiltshire 7th March 2018