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  • July 2017
  • Andrew Jordan

A day at Great Dixter

Planting ideas and inspiration following a day out at Great Dixter, attending a good planting course run by Fergus Garrett.

My first visit to Great Dixter was in late June, attending a ‘Good Planting’ course run by head gardener Fergus Garrett.

A beautiful garden which is constantly changing thanks to the unique approach of Fergus and his team. Never afraid to experiment with different combinations of colour, foliage form and texture, this is a garden packed with ideas.

If visiting allow plenty of time to explore the different parts of the garden, from the meadows to the newly planted exotic garden, and not forgetting the iconic long herbaceous border.  There is plenty of interest throughout the year so worthy of a visit any time.

I was fascinated to learn about the approach to planting at Great Dixter, a slide show followed by a tour of the garden provided an insight into the philosophy and techniques applied, very much building on the work of its former owner and well known gardener and gardening writer Christopher Lloyd.

One of the best gardens to visit, a visual feast full of ideas and inspiration. And with its ever changing planting combinations a garden worth returning too as well.

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